Ode to 2011 from grayagent on Vimeo.

After being played 20 million times worldwide and deleted off the internet, we have decided to bring "Ode to 2011" out of retirement.
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Okay Info

1. In at least successful, enriching, enhancing, constr,- productive collaborations & cooperations I am always just much more than interested!

2. Especially I appreciate, admire smart, attractive, tall, blonde, sincere, caring, charming, friendly, kind, sensitive, lovely and blue eyed females. Welcome anytime!

3. Calm, joy, love, music, movies, sports, news, nature, future, family, presence, reason, responsibility, consciousness, logics, emotions, methodics, systematics, techniques, health, electronics, politics, computer, harmony, continuity, success, travels, socials, radio, progression, improvements, life, writings, books, passions, essentials and other different kinds of basics are some of my main interests.

4. I need very fast minimum your entire, clever support, in general better guidance, useful attention, wise help, greater aid & more monetary income, modern, healthy care, all similar solid sorts really due to former hardened circumstances, twisted environments, messed up developments or wronged surroundings in the past please!

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