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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Take much more and better please care of any in general always at least everywhere folks - "au dela!"

One known spacecraft (see NASA informations below) left planet Earth 30 years ago and reached at present even thereby already another solar system (2015 / 2016).

Many cultures were really persuaded and convinced in then past, that also God took distances and turned away... Are these coincidences? There are none... Hmm..

For three years now (2014 -2017) different spaceships started certain, for sure classified missions. We heard & read about such from time to time a little bit: still most of us have no real clue, what these might exactly do above, around, when, why, where or hopefully not at all... (-;

I strongly recommend all beings & structures as well as any other life forms in my humble opinion just of course first, to take at least better anytime care always everywhere - please - yourselves not only therefore: ourselves simply much more (-: Thank you sincerely, friendly in adavance. Life goes: on, on and on o.k.!





#ApesRidingCircusBicycles(30YearsAgo) #NewZealandDogsDrivingCars(AtPresent)
#Danke #Merci #Pardon

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