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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Keep and work on much more always at least together - not one against the other simply

Always affirm, enrich, embrace, ease & enhance please basically life at least no matter where or when exactly. None of its destructive opposites at all.

Fast in example surroundings, environments, daily life conditions, circumstances as well as entourages can, will or might facilitate minimum then essentially without a doubt: none may loose then within - minimum double win!

Much better than complicating such, retarding one, arguing about any only, annoying others, harming in general, maybe ridiculing or destroying some shamelessly, irresponsibly, unreasonably, senselessly & recklessly.

Poisoning own life thereby viciously in the end for sure / dead serious also...

Else to do! So what?





I need very fast minimum now:

please your entire, clever support, in general better guidance, useful attention, wise help, greater aid & more monetary income, modern, healthy care, all similar solid sorts really due to former hardened circumstances, twisted environments, messed up developments or wronged surroundings in the past!

Olivier Klastat from Cologne in Germany (Europe)

Just life...

Life really in example everywhere on earth always might have been at least just already for such a very long time now. Imagine once... Are you disappointed, sad, angry, horrified or afraid?

Much too often / easily instead: killings took - so fast here over the offered & given present - place (the one planet full of opportunities) or hate, wars, lies, brutality, corruption, perversion, ignorance, fear, aggression, frustration, stupidity, waste, crimes, ridiculosity and other similar destructive appearances.

Think better then about joyful, lovely, intelligent, productive, cooperative, progressive, constructive opposites, which may be realised anytime still by everyone at moment and in the future! Godspeed. Hail.

Your Olivier Klastat from Cologne, Germany in Europe

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Careful please

Any might at least in example really fail anytime and in the end even been so wrong, wronged or wronging: the opposite as well.

Take care folks therefore please better than ever before.

O.K,, Colonia 2008, Digiterranea, Universalis (-; 


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Sincere, digital, friendly, appreciative, energising, uplifting, lovely greetings, as well as useful, smart, healthy support, care, guidance at least hereby anytime to:

Lydie Klastat - Jones, Famille Klastat, Jones,- Loquet,- Peterson,- & Schäfer, Cousins, Stratfor, Europe, U.S.A., Russia, Great Britain, the United Kingdom, China, Iran, Argentina, Africa, America, Australia, Asia, the U.S. Navy &,- Army, PwC, Academi, Monsanto, Bayer, Thor, Alcatel, DARPA, Vodafone, NASA, Tesla, Blackstone, Google, NATO, AFFA, Shell, United Internet, Nadine,- Tom,- & Karin Seifried,- Kurt Klastat, Beaurain,- Sailly,- Cochard,- Adenauer,- De Gaulle,- Crawford,- Schiffer,- Bardot,- Depardieu,- Monroe,- Kelly,- Gomez,- Simao,- Kerkesner,- Zacharias,- Avdievski,- Di Cara,- Gerlach,- Neumann,- Kasimoglu,- Gierlich,- Windsor,- Rothschild,- Bourbon,- Rockefeller,- Braganza,- in general Jones,- Klastat,- Loquet,- Schäfer,- Peterson,- Fevrier,- Chandler,- Channon,- Loebner,- Vinson,- Bush,- Lee,- Bao,- Lin,- Camara,- Roma,- Sinti,- Sakho,- Romanov,- Grimaldi,- Hohenzollern,- Onassis,- Aziz,- Saud,- Kennedy,- & Buchanan Families, Lilia Kerkesner, Ortense Lenz, Annelies Kroen geb. Jansen, CristinaX, MichaelaX, ElisabethX, KarinX, CatarinaX, Frau Karin Rose Titz, Elisabeth Mathia - Lemoule, Ulrike Reinholz, Schw. Soz.Stu. Kerstin, Fr. Plakova, Daniela Pesch & Families, Manni Gerlach, Horst Rehfisch, Andreas Mertens & Families, Marion Helene Neumann-Gierlich von Geyerling, Fam. Gajewski,- Grund,- & Knobloch, Fam. Wirsam, Fam. Bewermeyer, Fam. Zinnikus, Dr. Bagnucki, Dr. Draghici, Frau Gouzoulis-Mayfrank, Schw. Helene, Fam. Balogh, Fam. Görken, Cengiz'khan aka Mex., "Kugel", Fam. Roux, Fam. Cimander, Emelyne Touzis, JPD1, Michael Jaffray,- Irmgard King,- & children as well as their entourages in general of course.

Hail & Godspeed!

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Such a very long time

We might have had already everywhere a fine life in example anytime always at least! Think once about please...

Really already written..!

One of the most beautiful expressions below I encountered personally in the past... Enjoy folks!


If you believe that something is written in the stars, you believe that it will be made to happen by a force that controls the future: It was written in the stars that they would meet and fall in love.

Any is continuously written in the stars again, again and again without a doubt. There are no coincidences... Each moment clearly affects entire, distant future more or less: up to us so really always now!

Olivier Klastat

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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Ein Teil meiner Geschichte

Mit 19 Jahren, 1998 genauer gesagt, kam ich nach einer Überdosis Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms) in die LVR Klinik Köln - Merheim. Die darauf folgenden, resultierenden Diagnosen sind bis heute grösstenteils auf Sand gebaut, da wichtige Tatsachen damals fehlten in den Berichten und einige auch falsch entstanden oder festgehalten wurden. Ich kämpfe dagegen so gut wie möglich an im Moment oder wirke nun zur Verbesserung mit natürlich.

Selbst nach einer schriftlichen Stellungnahme (2006 ca.) vor ein paar Jahren der Klinikleitung und deren Entschuldigung mit Verweis auf das mittlerweile entlassene, pensionierte Personal, wird in unteren Hierarchien jetzt munter, wie besessen weiter rumgedoktort... Kein Wunder der Besserung nach knapp 20 Jahren nun... Seltsam wirklich oder nicht?

Die Gesundheit eines Lebewesen kann nicht aufgrund einer medizinischen Behandlung dauerhaft leiden...

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Get what you want

You get, what you want - so it is aggression, destruction, pain, hate, death or stupidity, instead of luck, joy and harmony for example? Alright. One second maximum. Okay...

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Anything goes always and much more even - take care!

Anything goes always everywhere and certain may step even awesome in for example as well at least then no matter what, when or why exactly.. - so what are these or we waiting for longer? Please folks take better much more care than ever before.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Not too late

It is not too late, to be very reasonable in or for example just anytime!

Olivier Klastat

NATO - Alternatives

Alternatives, variations and combinations matter very. War like peace are both in the end kind of obsolete. None exists without the other.

Else may be done anytime everywhere basically.. Much more productive, constructive, helpful, calm, enjoyable, interesting, impressive, wonderful, amazing or awesome things. So what am I, are we or you waiting any longer then huh?

#NATO-Alternatives #NonAggressive #NonLethal #NonMonetary #Facets #Focus #Future #Pro,-&Constructive #THW #RedCross #Malteser #Lions&RotaryClub #Foundations #Societies #Heilsarmee #1.stEarthBattalion #Google #Femen #Wikipedia #Consorts

Thank you NATO sincerely!

Take much more and better please care of any in general always at least everywhere folks - "au dela!"

One known spacecraft (see NASA informations below) left planet Earth 30 years ago and reached at present even thereby already another solar system (2015 / 2016).

Many cultures were really persuaded and convinced in then past, that also God took distances and turned away... Are these coincidences? There are none... Hmm..

For three years now (2014 -2017) different spaceships started certain, for sure classified missions. We heard & read about such from time to time a little bit: still most of us have no real clue, what these might exactly do above, around, when, why, where or hopefully not at all... (-;

I strongly recommend all beings & structures as well as any other life forms in my humble opinion just of course first, to take at least better anytime care always everywhere - please - yourselves not only therefore: ourselves simply much more (-: Thank you sincerely, friendly in adavance. Life goes: on, on and on o.k.!





#ApesRidingCircusBicycles(30YearsAgo) #NewZealandDogsDrivingCars(AtPresent)
#Danke #Merci #Pardon

Condemning and accepting at once doesn't work

Epic Fail - Espionage

Condemning and accepting or tolerating at once does not work!

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Nullius in verba

Words are distracting in general or talk poisons often. Much better things and else for sure to do than such always at least. What exactly.. you may ask? Oh my no com'on...

Greetings to Coyoteprime hereby and his Blogspot at Running cause I can't fly - http://coyoteprime-runningcauseicantfly.blogspot.com